Ballew's Limited 10-Year Warranty

Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc., baked enamel aluminum products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of workmanship. Our paint finish will not craze, crack, blister, chip, or peel for a period of Ten Years from date of original installation.

The term "crack" as used herein shall not include slight fracturing of the product. This is accepted as standard in the industry. This Warranty applies only to products which have been exposed to normal conditions and does not apply where failure is the result of fire, other accident or casualty damage caused by acts of nature (such as lightning, windstorm, hailstorm), vandalism, radiation, salt spray, harmful fumes in the atmosphere, or failure to provide the normal maintenance and cleaning of the product, or any causes beyond the control of Ballew's. Should defects occur, only replacement or repair of defective material will be made, F.O.B. Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. Normal weathering and aging will occur. Perfect Color match of replacement materials will, of course, differ in appearance from older material.

Ballew's reserves the right to discontinue and/or make changes in any of its products. In the event the product referred to in this warranty is not available, Ballew's shall have the right to substitute a product that in Ballew's discretion is of equal grade, quality, and price.

Ballew's is in no way responsible for installation. Ballew's will not be liable for any damages for breach of the express warranty or any implied warranty. The Warranty on replacement materials shall extend the end of the 10-year warranty on the or materials. The above warranties will apply to products installed on the structures located within the United States. This instrument completely defines the express warranty on Ballew's products. All claims must be made in writing with proper documentation of the date of purchase within the warranty period. Steel products are not warranted against rust. Any other warranty, either oral or implied, is not valid.